Students in the combined degree program will complete sixteen term courses. Ten of these will be courses in History. Of these courses, a minimum of four will be in Renaissance/early modern topics from the fourteenth through the seventeenth centuries. The six remaining courses making up the Renaissance Studies portion of the degree will be broken down as follows: 2 terms of Renaissance Studies Core Course, 4 additional term courses be taken in at least two disciplines outside of history (such as Classics, modern literatures, History of Art, Music, etc). The normal History Department requirements of three research seminars and a prospectus tutorial apply to combined degree students.

Language Requirement:

Latin and Italian, as set by Renaissance Studies – one hour of Renaissance Latin prose; two hours of Italian, one of sixteenth-century Italian prose, one of modern Italian scholarship – and a third language chosen by the student.

Prospectus and Oral Examination:

History portion: 75 minutes in all, including 45 minutes on the “major.” Renaissance/Reformation/early modern field, which may, but need not be, shared with more than one examiner, and 30 minutes on an “minor” field outside the specialization (and preferably outside of European history).

Renaissance Studies portion: 45 minutes, 3 15-minute questions to be divided between at least two disciplines outside of History narrowly conceived ( i.e., in literature, History of Art, etc.).

Timing of the Exams and Related Matters:

Students are expected to complete the prospectus by March of the third year and to complete the oral examination not later than September of the fourth year.

Procedures regarding the dissertation will follow departmental practice, though the board of readers will normally include at least one member of the Renaissance Studies Executive Committee.