Of the Combined Degree Program’s total of sixteen term courses, seven are in Renaissance Studies and nine are in the Department of Italian. Of the nine courses in Italian, at least three courses would be devoted to the period from Dante to the earlier seventeenth century. The seven courses making up the “Renaissance Studies” portion of the degree will be divided as follows: two terms of the Renaissance Studies core course; two courses in Renaissance literatures other than Italian, and three courses divided between at least two “non-literary” disciplines (e.g., History, History of Art, Religious Studies, etc.).

Language Requirement:
Latin, as set by Renaissance Studies (one hour of Renaissance Latin prose), a second romance language and a non-romance language, tested in a two-hour examination (one hour of Renaissance prose, one hour of modern scholarship). Latin to be passed by the end of the first year (and preferably upon entrance); all languages to be passed before the oral examination.

Oral Examination:
The qualifying examination, which must be completed by the end of the third year, will include an oral examination in which 60 minutes will be devoted to Italian literature, including the Renaissance, and 45 minutes will be devoted to 3 15-minute questions on a topic in Renaissance literature outside of Italy, and two topics in non-literary areas of the Renaissance (such as History or the History of Art). The portion of examination devoted to Italian literature will also include a written component following departmental guidelines.

The dissertation (a prospectus of which must be completed by the beginning of the fourth year) will normally be directed within the Department of Italian, but at least one of the readers will normally be a member of the Renaissance Studies Executive Committee.