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Yale University’s doctoral program in Renaissance Studies offers a combined Ph.D. degree with a second department and integrates concentration in that department with interdisciplinary study of the broader range of culture in the Renaissance and early modern period.

Prospective students and current students: visit About the PhD Program for a description of the program and its requirements.   

For detailed information on the year-by-year requirements of theprogram, please visit The Renaissance Studies Grad Student Handbook.


We regret to announce that Yale’s combined Phd program in Renaissance Studies will not be accepting applications  during the 2021 admissions cycle.

In order to ensure that the program has resources to adequately support its students during the Covid-19 pandemic, we will hold off on bringing new students directly into the program until 2022. However, since we are a combined degree program, you still have the option to apply directly to whichever of our nine affiliated departments you are interested in joining (except for History of Art, which is not accepting applications this year).  If you are granted admission to your department of choice, you will have the option during your first year at Yale to join Renaissance Studies. This is an option that has been available since the creation of the combined degree program, and which has been chosen by several of our current students.  

If you would still like to apply to Yale this year, please return to your application to change the selections on the Program of Study tab. You must remove “Renaissance Studies” as a selection, but you are free to choose one of our nine departments if you wish. You may make any other necessary changes, and resubmit your application when ready. You will not need to pay the application fee again. Please be sure to adhere to program application deadlines.

Please know that the decision to eliminate direct applications to Renaissance Studies was not an easy one, but we have decided that our priority during these unsettled times is to take care of those who are already in our program; we believe that this is the most responsible course of action at the present moment. We look forward to reading applications again in the fall of 2021 for the 2022 cohort.  

If you have any questions, please contact the program chair: