Graduate Studies

Early Modern Studies offers a combined Ph.D. degree that integrates concentration in a partner department with interdisciplinary study of the historical period between 1350 and 1800, a temporal range that recognizes “early modernity” as manifested differently and at different times across the world. The Program’s scope is global, transnational, transcultural, and committed to a vision of an interlinked world with many, varied, locally inflected transitions to modernity. Inclusive in scholarship and teaching, the combined degree encourages students to forge connections to diverse disciplinary frameworks, geographic conjunctures, and institutional structures. Current partner departments are: Classics, Comparative Literature, English, French, History, History of Science and Medicine, History of Art, History of Music, Italian, and Spanish and Portuguese.

Chair: Marisa Bass

Director of Graduate Studies (DGS): Nick Jones

Registrar: Julia DiVincenzo

Sr. Administrative Assistant: Janice Zocher