Courses Spring 2024

EMST 536/FREN 836 Montaigne and Other Idlers: Laziness at Work

EMST 562/ENGL 578 Poetry and Poetics, 1500-1645

EMST 590/SPAN 916/CPLT 669 Cervantes and Don Quijote

Taught by: Nicholas Jones

EMST 649/HIST 849 Environment and Infrastructure in Middle Eastern History

Taught by: Alan Mikhail

EMST 657/LATN 757 Versions of Claudius

Taught by: Christina Kraus

EMST 690/REL 990 Taking Leave: Meditations on Art, Death, and the Afterlife from the Bible to the Twentieth Century

EMST 701 Workshop in Early Modern Studies

Taught by: Nicholas Jones

EMST 721/HSAR 551 Art. Race. Violence

Taught by: Cecile Fromont

EMST 801 Early Modern Colloquium

Taught by: Nicholas Jones

EMST 901 Prospectus Workshop

Taught by: Feisal Mohamed